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Kim Hamilton

Yoga Instructor

Kim is a yoga instructor and holistic health coach based in the Atlanta area. Growing up as a severe asthmatic and being frequently hospitalized throughout childhood gave Kim a deep appreciation for pranayama and how yoga is centered around the breath. At the age of 3 Kim began dance classes where she learned early on the importance of cultivating a mind/body connection and remaining physically fit through exercise and proper nutrition. One central aspect of yoga and meditation that has always appealed to Kim is how the mind and body come together to create mindful action on and off the mat in daily life. Kim completed her 200hr yoga teacher training certification at Peachtree Yoga where she learned the history of pranayama, practical & subtle anatomy, meditation and yoga philosophy. She received her nutrition specialist certification through ACE Education. She uses these tools, along with her BFA in Theatre and Performance Studies to create thoughtful yoga sequences and calming breath work practices to a variety of students. Since 2017, Kim has been teaching yoga and meditation for corporations and a number of different studios in the Atlanta area. Kim deeply enjoys helping dancers and all types of performing artists warm up before a performance or unwind afterward. It brings Kim great joy when students express how much her teachings have enhanced their art, their work, and their daily lives.