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Frequently Asked Questions

Dance Questions

Dancing is a fun and healthy activity. For most, it offers both self-expression and a way to bond with your community. We’ve never met anyone who has regretted learning to dance. It’s also a great tool to have at have at your disposal. You’ll likely come across many events such as weddings, parties, or weekend outings where knowing how to dance comes in handy. Join us and see why many of our clients say that this is their best investment.

Simply give us a call or send us a message on our website. We’ll walk you through our orientation process as well as show you around our studio. We may recommend purchasing dance shoes. Though this will depend on the style of dance you’re interest in. For convenience, our studio sells quality shoes at a very competitive price.  

The quick answer is yes. Everyone can learn to dance. Advanced skill and knowledge will certainly take practice. Our students range from beginners to advanced and young to older. Almost everyone has 2 left feet when they start. As you become more familiar with steps and body movement, dancing will become second nature.

No, you will not need a partner. All group classes and courses are created to have enough partners to share. In this environment, you’ll always be rotating partners. This ensures that you get comfortable dancing with different people. In truth, this is the best way to test your knowledge of what you have learned.

As for private lessons, your partner will be your instructor.

No, there is not a dress code. However, students wearing offensive or inappropriate outfits are subject to instructor dismissal. We want to ensure that everyone has a fun and stress-free environment. As for clothing recommendations, it will be in your best interest to wear something loose and comfortable. You’ll find that restrictive clothing can make dancing difficult.

Yoga Questions

Yoga focuses on flexibility, strength training, relaxation, and meditation. It’s conducted in a relaxed environment and geared towards all experience levels. 

Yes! A good yoga regimen is recommended for everyone. Building core strength and increasing flexibility will only help to improve your quality of life. Yoga is also a form of meditation for some. Just remember to practice yoga at your pace.

Many of our students are unable to touch their toes while standing. Please don’t think there is a flexibility requirement. We welcome all students from novice to advanced. One of the benefits of yoga is to increase your flexibility. Regardless of how inflexible you are, expect to see improvement with continued practice.

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There is never an age limit to exercise. Our students vary from young to older. Each class to designed to accommodate all of our student’s skill level. We offer alternative exercise movements that students can perform in place of the more advanced ones. Our recommendation is to practice yoga at your own pace. Listen to your body and certainly don’t attempt to perform a move that you feel uncomfortable with.