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Priyasha Bhatt

Dance Instructor

Priya is a research specialist and stretch therapist from the midwest. She moved to Atlanta in June 2021 and since then has been building a larger presence in the Atlanta dance community through South Asian class connections and Jazz/heels/hiphop classes. She is a nationally certified level 1-6 acrobatics coach and has been dancing her whole life, with developed technical skill in Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Acrobatics. Dancing and training in new styles as well as getting back to performing gigs in the city has helped her self-regulation and healing journey; it is her ambition to support her students in the same way. She believes that the connection between mind and body is the key to a healthy lifestyle--whatever type of movement art appeals to the individual! She hopes to foster these connections for others and develop the creative expressionism that is sometimes lost in the day to day responsibility and complexity of life.