Monthly Dance Classes

Step outside the box

Mix N' Match Classes

Each class is 1 month in duration. No experience is needed.

Passes are valid for the calendar month purchased. (No carry overs)

Hip Hop

This class will encompass the foundation of hip hop with basic footwork and the concepts of rhythm and groove. This class is for everyone and any skill level.
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Broadway & Jazz

A fusion of ballet, jazz, and modern dances for unconventional & unique body movements. Develops your stage presence, performance and presentation.
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Belly Dance

Come out and learn some fun 8-counts to do at weddings, family BBQ's, etc.! This class will teach quick continuous counts that'll make your favorite songs even better! Dress comfortably.
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Immerse yourself with the rhythm of salsa, merengue, mamba, samba, and freestyle steps. See how dance and music make exercising fun. You won’t need to be a Zumba expert to experience success and enjoy yourself.
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Combine Jazz, Ballet, & Contemporary elements to create a beautiful form of self-expression in this 1-hour class. Modern dance expands on traditional ballet technique. Experience creative expression.
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