Monthly Dance Classes

Step outside the box

Mix N' Match Classes

Each class is 1 month in duration. No experience is needed.

Passes are valid for the calendar month purchased. (No carry overs)

Class Descriptions

11am Weekend warm-up –Flexibility and acrobatic conditioning

This class will be focused on a longer warm up stretch and conditioning including different levels of bridges and inversions that are the foundations of acrobatic arts. Good cross training with yoga!

12 pm Open level Ballet

This open level ballet class will be teaching foundational ballet techniques after a ballet-oriented warm up. The muscle and body alignment in ballet are unique, but this class will be focused on grace and balance at whatever level the individual is at!

8pm Intro to Burlesque

this class will encourage your confident side with burlesque style jazz techniques! Includes a warm up and movement/expression exercises (heels optional!) and brief choreography

Open level Jazz (heels optional but will be heels style training)

Jazz will consist of a mixed classical and stylized warm up as well as across the floor and confident, short choreography accessible to all!

Ballet Classes

Adult Ballet I:

Our Adult Ballet I class will focus on posture, muscle strengthening and flexibility. This class blends basic barre work
and center work exercises to enhance your physical health and enjoyment of dance. No prior dance experience required – just bring your enthusiasm!

Adult Ballet II

This class is designed to enhance your technique, flexibility, and artistry in a supportive and encouraging environment. Our adult ballet II class delves into classical ballet exercises, techniques and steps with a focus on terminology and correct body alignment. Includes a warm-up at the barre with center floor work and combinations.

Pre Ballet (5-7)

Introduce your little dancer to the beautiful art of ballet! Through standing barre work and center exercises, children aged 5-7 will develop coordination, balance, and flexibility while learning basic ballet positions and terminology. Your child will also enjoy simple and fun exercises in creative dance and music exploration.

Ballet I (8-10)

– Come enjoy the excitement and beauty of classical ballet! Through structured barre, center, and across-the-floor exercises, students will grasp ballet terminology and technique fundamentals while understanding body alignment, movement quality, carriage of upper body, and flexibility.

Ballet II (11-13)

These are intermediate classes. Prior ballet experience is required. Tailored for ages 11-13 with prior ballet experience, these sessions focus on advancing classical ballet technique. Barre work, center and across the floor exercises are designed to enhance your technique, performance quality and confidence.

Additional Classes with Ms. Alexandria

Kids Dance with Ms. Alexandria is a fun experience where your little ones can explore movement of all styles, learn about fitness in a fun way, understand how to express themselves creatively, and of course, MAKE FRIENDS! Class Attire: comfortable clothing, hair back, sneakers.

Hip Hop/ Jazz with Ms. Alexandria is a challenge but one that’s WORTH IT! With an emphasis on performing techniques, this class explores hip hop dance using all kinds of music, as well as pulling from beginner fundamentals, and boosting confidence as we push ourselves to new levels.

Ballet/ Contemporary with Ms. Alexandria is a technical class with an exciting twist. This class helps with posture, flexibility, balance and much more. Soft angelic music with fun and expressive combos will give you a comfortable and relaxing experience while practicing your techniques.

African with Ms. Alexandria is an exciting class that will surely increase your versatility. While growing your awareness of African dance techniques and history, you will also learn fun new steps from traditional African dances.