The Body Was Born To Move

According to Wendy Suzuki, a professor of Neural psychology in New York University, moving your body has long-lasting benefits for your brain. The more you move, the better you’ll feel. Exercise comes in all forms. Most people think that it has to be heart pounding intense activities. However, isn’t the case. At Art Is Motion, we offer various fun way to keep moving.

If you haven’t tried yoga yet, we certainly encourage you to give it a try. These classes are a favorite for a lot of our students. Yoga strikes a balance in building strength, increasing flexibility and range of motion, and focusing on your inner self through meditation. You’ll find that not all yoga classes are the same. Some focus on core strength and others focus on flexibility or meditation. Either way, you’ll certainly find something to fit your needs.

For my personal take on yoga, I’ll tell you what it means for me. I’ve found that yoga keeps me grounded. My life is busy and I’m constantly on the go. As you can imagine, I need an outlet from time to time. Otherwise I start to lose myself. My relaxation turns to stress and my creativity slowly diminishes away. Yoga is how I channel my energy. It’s how I recharge and find myself again. It reminds me to slow down and take in the moments.

It’s how I recharge and find myself again. It reminds me to slow down and take in the moments.

Tanya Arnhold

Don’t get me wrong. These classes are not all meditation. They push my strength and certainly challenge my flexibility. They take dedication. It wasn’t easy the first time I took a class and it’s still not easy. Though I’ve gotten better with training. There is always so much to learn and gain. Pushing yourself to be better will always be a welcomed challenge.

For those that are curious, I encourage you to take a class. It may be the one the thing you’re looking for. Take a look at the various classes offered. Slowly ease your way in. Afterall, Rome wasn’t built in a day.