Health Benefits of Dance

For those that have never danced before, we encourage to take a step into our world. You’ll get a lot more benefits than you originally expected. After all, what could be gained from dancing?

There is a reason every culture in every part of the world dances. Our cultures have all been dancing since the beginning of our human existence. Everyone has an inner dancer that’s screaming to get out. Don’t believe it? Ask yourself what would 99% of the world do after they won a big lottery? You guessed it… they’d be dancing.

Art is Motion was opened to share our love of dance to the community. Besides learning how to dance, there are some amazing health benefits associated to this amazing art. Here are 5 of them.

“The job of feets is walking, but their hobby is dancing.”

Amit Kalantri

1. Increase Mental Health

                Improved confidence, increased happiness, improved motivation, reduced depression. The list goes on an on. Dancing is fun, but it also makes us better people. The accomplishment of learning something new builds confidence. The act of movement increases happiness and minimizes stress and depression symptoms.

2. Lose Weight

                Exercise doesn’t just have to be in the gym or running on the street. Depending on your dance of choice, you can certainly get your heart rate moving fast enough to burn a good bit of calories. Working out doesn’t always have to be miserable.  

3. Increase Memory

                Every time you step on the dance floor for a class or a private lesson, you be learning something new. You’ll be taught a wide variety of steps and routines. Your memory will certainly be put to the test. It will become easier over time.

4. Improve Balance & Coordination

                Every student will agree that their first dance lesson was a bit awkward. Why? Because they’re unfamiliar with the steps. Overtime, you’ll soon master them, and they’ll become second nature.

5. Improve energy

                Being active will get you accustomed to staying active. The same can be true for a sedentary lifestyle. At AIM, you’ll be moving quite a bit. We have plenty of classes and events for you to attend. Plus you’ll acquire an enhanced social life that comes with the dance community.