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Cherelle “CheChe” Aguigui

Dance Instructor

Cherelle "CheChe" Aguigui is a South Carolina native with a background in dance, personal training, bodybuilding, stretch training, and posing. She has had a passion and natural ability for dancing since her youth, and her dance experience includes cheerleading, member of WCU dance team, Universal Cheerleading Association staff, dance fitness instructor, choreographer and movement artist. CheChe's dance specialty is in heels with sensual styling but also enjoys various dance styles including ballroom, freestyle, voguing, hip hop and dance fitness. CheChe's teaching style is engaging, high energy, and detailed with an emphasis on encouragement & feedback. She creates a safe space that promotes self-acceptance and liberation through movement. She earned her undergraduate degree in Health Information Administration from Western Carolina University and is a sister of Delta Sigma Theta sorority Incorporated. She earned her graduate degree in Health Services Management from Argosy University, and has more than ten years in post-secondary education.